World Perspectives : South Africa

By Samantha Marcus ’13

Only in South Africa does a car break twice in the same night. After a comfortable, yet long flight, we arrived in Johannesburg with just enough time to rush through the airport to our connecting flight to Durban. Durban is one of the largest ports in SA, as well as the home to the organization Whizz Kids.
Arriving in the mid afternoon, we were pick up by our Whizz Kids escorts and brought to the lovely Essenwood House Inn. Upon arrival we were treated to a stunning view of the downtown Durban skyline bordering the coast. The inn is surrounded by lush South African flora and fauna, with a pool and patio breakfast area. The original building was built in 1924, and the proprietors boast of the garden that once stretched down the hillside overlooking the city.
Today we are embarking on a trip to the local Essenwood Market, followed by a visit to the Whizz Kids headquarters where we will participate in South Africa’s National Youth Day. Later this evening we will be joinning our Whizz Kids contacts for a traditional South African “braii” a barbecue and potluck. Much more to come!




World Perspectives : South Africa