Last Day in Paradise: Final Conclusions from BIOS

By: Lucy Webb, `16 and Sam McGoldrick, `15

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Beginning the day with the thought of leaving BIOS only made us think of the great experiences we had and all of the knowledge we gained while on our trip. We really enjoyed our last day together in Bermuda where we finally explored Hamilton and the surrounding areas. We visited the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute where we went “underwater to 12000 feet” to examine wrecks. We thought it was interesting how interactive the museum was, which taught us to always include viewers in presentations. The museum also taught us the importance of the little things because any piece of material collected off of wrecks must be reported to the museum. This makes us want to make sure we collect every piece of evidence in any topic we study.
Photo Jun 21, 8 39 50 PMWhen we arrived back at BIOS we reflected back on the trip as a whole and discussed what there was to improve and what should remain the same for next year’s trip. When we all took a look back on this amazing trip we realized that there was little to change for next year. We would enjoy even more biological research because this really inspired us all. We can continue at GFA the work we did here and open it up to the entire student body. After hearing about the amazing research other scientists are doing here, we can see ourselves having a career in this field.

Last Day in Paradise: Final Conclusions from BIOS

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