Hello from Rwanda!

By: Daria Locher, `16

We have just arrived in Kigali.  Today has been a very long day, but what is a day when you don’t have a watch to tell you that 24 hours have passed?  For me, my day began when we first stepped on to the plane yesterday. Wow! It seems so long ago but it is only a bit over 24 hours! From the beginning, I tried to avoid jet-lag by falling asleep on Rwandan time at 1 AM and NY time 7 PM. I woke up about 3 hours later.   The second long flight of the day, going from Belgium to Rwanda only adds to the confusion of my body.  It is 3 PM here and 9 AM in NY so my body is wondering why I pulled an all-nighter. I only slept for two more hours today…so I don’t really know why I am not exhausted.

When we got off those two very long flights (New York to Brussels, then Brussels to Kigali) we stepped outside and we all paused for a moment. It seemed to dawn on us that we were in Africa. We were in Rwanda, the land of a thousand hills. We were here.  Surprisingly, it did not feel that different. The airport looks like ours, but a lot smaller.  The city looks like ours (complete with Special K!), but the ambience is different. The people look at us as foreigners but not condescendingly. Once we grabbed our bags, we stepped outside and took this picture (coming soon!) before heading to the guesthouse. Along the way, the blooming flowers enveloped us in their sweet fragrance.

Hello from Rwanda!

7 thoughts on “Hello from Rwanda!

  1. Justine Fellows says:

    So great to hear from Rwanda! Daria, did you notice the smells yet? I loved the smell of everyone cooking outdoors! Say hello to Ida and keep writing! – Mrs. Fellows

  2. Stephen Stout says:

    Hello Daria and All: My hope is that you soak up the warmth of the people there. And yes! Give Ida my absolute best, please….you will love it when she cooks for you. – Mr. Stout

  3. Robert Guffin says:

    Daria, what a wonderful opportunity! Take good care of yourself, and stay open to all the unique experiences! –Mr. Guffin

  4. Carolyn Skiba says:

    Daria, please send my best to everyone and keep a watchful eye out for Mrs. Hartt. Chuckle, chuckle. Keep the correspondence coming, love hearing about this wonderful trip through your eyes and voice.

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