First thoughts from Puerto Rico

By: Simmy Sidhu, `18,
Madi McCreesh, `19,  Leah Attai, `19,  and Isabella Whelan, `19

Today, we experienced some history as we walked around in old San Juan. Our tour guide told us about the fort walls of old San Juan and how the walls protected them from their enemies. They had enemies because of the riches that they received from Mexico, but the walls were steep and hard to climb so it ensured the city’s safety. There were also gates through the walls. The gates would close at night time and this made it impossible to get inside after they closed and we were able to walk through one of the gates today that had the original doors from 1749!

After we went by the fort today, we saw many unexpected things. For example, we noticed many stray cats. Despite seeing these animals, we learned something about them. Apparently there were many rats long ago so the Puerto Ricans decided to get cats to deal with the rat population. At some point, the cats stopped killing the rats, and now there is a large stray cat population today. We were also fortunate enough to experience some other native wildlife. We saw parakeets, pelicans, pigeons, and crabs and we are looking forward to seeing even more wildlife over the next few days.

First thoughts from Puerto Rico

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