An Update From Berlin

By: Rebekah Skoog, US French and Global Studies

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What do you get when you combine two teachers, five students, and BerMUN?

While you’re trying to sort that out, I will tell you a little bit about the trip. I have  gone on many many trips to multiple countries for various reasons. However, I can tell you that this trip stands out, but for reasons that are mostly unrelated to being in Berlin. As a new teacher to GFA I can tell you that my favorite part of this voyage is not going to the Jewish Museum, not eating the wonderful food, and not even visiting the Reichstag (which really was an excellent experience). The best part of this trip, by far, has been watching these five students interact with each other and with other students and to see their passion for understanding the world through jetlagged and freezing faces.

When we set out on our journey, one rainy Tuesday afternoon, Ryan, Sammy, Mike, Annie and Kyja were anything but subdued. The gray weather seemed to have little effect on their excitment about the trip. In the car they chatted about films, interesting quotes and the past few weeks at school. This excitement was hardly waned by the ten plus hour trip, it only shifted to discussions of opening speeches and paper topics.

As the days have progressed, our students have discussed how the conference compares to others. Including the international element: perhaps the most appreciated aspect of the conference. I have heard over and over again that it’s nice to be interacting with students from all over, from France, Germany, Saudia Arabia, Pakistan…and the list goes on. They have also taken note of the other delegates’ English. Impressive, to say the least. In my opinion it’s nice to see students who are able to recognize the skill and discipline it takes to study language. On several occassions they themselves have practiced their Spanish and even prodded Mr. Llanque’s brother for some lessons in German.

Why learn German if everyone speaks English? That may be what someone would say, but that has not been the attitude here.

All in all, I can say that I have no idea where these young adults get this kind of energy, and how they keep it up.  However it gave me the energy necessary to keep going.

An Update From Berlin

One thought on “An Update From Berlin

  1. Sangeeta Dhawan says:

    Rebekah/Ms. Skoog:

    Thanks so much for the update from Berlin. Hearing about the students’ passion for interacting with their global compatriots is exhilarating. I can’t wait to hear about their discoveries and growth spurt upon your return. At GFA, we are all thinking about you and personally, I missed seeing you at lunch! Best wishes for your safe return,


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