World Perspectives: The Great Wealth of a Simple Community

By:  Luiz Machado, `14

On Friday, we arrived in Piscacucho, a simple village that appeared to have stayed in the 1800’s. (Hence our recent lack of blog-postings!)  The only sign of modernity was the cars that passed by our house every few hours.  As we approached our temporary home in a van we found a family of five sitting on a hay stack in front of their house looking for a van carrying their “adopted” teenagers. They sat patiently making it difficult to figure out if they had been waiting for five minutes or five days.  The family welcomed us with open-arms and warm smiles.

Our house turned out to be more like a Zoo. We have four dogs, two cats, a dozen guinea pigs, and countless other animals that total more than 50. All of them were scattered throughout the house.  This family appeared to be lacking everything except a genuine smile and I was amazed to see them in such high spirits without all the material luxuries we “need” back home.  

After eating a delicious local meal of noodles, rice and carrots I began playing a card game with the two children and the mother.  They taught me a fun game called “burros”. In this game the deck is equally divided between the players and they begin an ascending sequence to the king of diamonds. The person who has the next card in the sequence has to steal a card from another player.  So every time someone had to steal a card from someone the person would say, “róbame” meaning steal from me.  This simple phrase would evoke uncontrollable laughter from everyone.  The mother was laughing so much that she began crying.  I was amazed by their ability to enjoy the small things in life and I truly enjoyed the time I spent with them.

World Perspectives: The Great Wealth of a Simple Community

One thought on “World Perspectives: The Great Wealth of a Simple Community

  1. Patrick and Julia says:

    Nice post. We hope you are having a great time and bring your adventures back to the “States” with you. You always make friends no matter where you are in the world! We’ll see you soon.

    Julia and Patrick

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