Update: Notes from Suzhou China 6/16 – 6/17

Saturday – June 16, 2012

By: Eric Dexheimer, `14
Today I went to the old city center of Suzhou.  It was very crowded with some motorcycles and rickshaws riding through the narrow streets.  We went to a couple of museums and beautiful gardens.  A network of canals ran throughout the city with boats of tourists riding under bridges.  I ate lunch with my host family next to the canals.  While wandering through the city, I saw Chris, Peter and their host families.  Near the old city, we went to buy food from the market for dinner that night.  We later returned to my host family’s home and I helped them cook dinner.  After eating, we walked through the neighborhood before it became dark.  It was a long day, so I am going to bed at 9 to get a good night’s sleep.

Sunday – June 17, 2012

By: Chris Kondracki, `14

Today was the second day with our host families.  I am getting used to the time zone since I had a good night’s sleep.  My host family and I ate breakfast together and then left home for the shopping mall in the heart of Suzhou.  Although we didn’t end up buying anything, it was fascinating to see the consumer side of China.  We then went to a cafe where my host family and I had drinks and played mahjong.  Once we finished, we joined Eric and his host family for lunch in downtown Suzhou.  Then our host families introduced us to a classmate and we played pod for about four hours at a recreation center.  After dinner our hosts took us to Suzhou High School where we will be continuing our stay for the next three days.  Our group as a whole was very sad to leaver our host families, but we are excited to see what the school has in store for us next.

Update: Notes from Suzhou China 6/16 – 6/17

One thought on “Update: Notes from Suzhou China 6/16 – 6/17

  1. Oh, How wonderful! Enjoy China! I am an alum from ’97 and live here in China (in Wuhan, Hubei) currently. I love it here. Have a wonderful and enriching stay! Best, Lexi Drouart

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