8 Wishes: Personal Reflections from Peru

By:  Jazmin Reyes `13

It doesn’t feel like we’ve been in Peru for only 2 days.  The time here passes so slowly compared to back home but, we’ve done so much that I feel like we’ve been here a week.  This morning I woke up before sunrise; I felt anxious and cold.  Going back to sleep was a failure, so I decided to just get ready for the day.  To my surprise, Luiz was up just as early as I was.  We both went for a walk in the town and explored every inch of Ollantaytambo.  I wasn’t anxious anymore, and surely not cold as the exercise warmed me up.
Later, we all went whitewater rafting on the Urrumbamba River.  I volunteered to sit in the very front of the boat and kept rowing hard even after getting hit by the rapids over and over.  Last night, we had a shaman hold a despacho ceremony for us. The ceremony made me think about many things, as he told us to think about 8 wishes for our future.  The service was eye opening and a great way to end our last night in Ollantaytambo.  As I thought about my 8 wishes, I realized what really matters to me and what will create a great path for my future.  Seven of my wishes were for family reinforcing how much they mean to me.  Speaking of family, I miss you guys a lot and I love you. Espero que estén pasándolo bien.

Tomorrow, we’ll be hiking post-Incan ruins, and then going to the town of Piscacucho, where our host family and service project await us. I will miss Ollantaytambo very much but I’m very excited to become part of the Piscacucho community.
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8 Wishes: Personal Reflections from Peru

6 thoughts on “8 Wishes: Personal Reflections from Peru

  1. Luz Sanchez says:

    Jazmin, Hijita de mi alma, te extrano demasiado!! Igual tu hermanita Brianna y tu padre ni se diga… Aunque mi corazon esta triste por que no estas aqui, deseo que disfrutes esta oportunidad a lo maximo!! Te adoramos, tu mami

  2. Gil Reyes says:

    Hey baby, I am glad you’re having a good time…I miss you tremendously and can’t wait until you get back…but i am happy you’re getting to experience such a wonderful place….I love you!

    P.S. Don’t forget to throw up that U in a pic at macchu picchu

  3. carole rubin says:

    You sound so wonderful! What an amazing experience! Enjoy every minute of it! Keep these posts coming…….I’m so happy that Mami sent it to me.
    Carole Rubin

  4. Patrick says:

    Wow! We are following your group’s travels with every post and wish we were there too! We can’t wait to hear your stories when you get back. It sounds like you’re all having a great time.
    All the best to all,

  5. David Perez says:

    Sounds great Jazmin, what an amazing experience. Remember to enjoy every minute of it and have fun. Im sure when you come back you’re going to have plenty of stories to tell. have a great time Jazmin.

  6. Luz Sanchez says:

    Jazmin, tomorrow is Brianna’s Birthday and we are having a tea party, we will have a cup for you. You are in our hearts. We love you very much and miss you! I can’t wait to hear your stories like David said! Think Machu Pichu… love, Mami

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