13 Questions: Arrival in Peru

Ms. Elena Aniel, Luiz Machado, Jazmin Reyes, and Radhika Matoo
Ms. Elena Aniel, Luiz Machado, Jazmin Reyes, and      Radhika Matoo

By: Luiz Machado `14
Radhika Mattoo `13
and Jazmin Reyes `14

Astounding. Mountainous. Breathtaking. None of these words can come close to describing the town of Ollantaytambo.  Even after our tiring flight to Lima followed by another flight to Cuzco, we were amazed by the welcoming community. Although we are outsiders, they welcomed us with open arms, bringing us into their culture and lives quickly and easily.  Our teachers assigned us with the daunting task of asking about 13 questions to strangers around the town about their lives.  Astonishingly, it was very easy to complete this task.

Luiz Machado `14

We even ended up speaking to different people about topics not related to the questions.  For example, we were pursued by an elderly woman who accidentally thought we had knocked on her door.  We all ended up having at least a 10 minute conversation about her life in the village and asked her some of the questions we were assigned.  She was reluctant to end the conversation, but welcomed us to come over to her house any time and left us with hugs and kisses. We came back from the assignment surprised, but delighted by the adventure. It was a great way to start our trip, and make us feel like part of the community.  We look forward to more experiences in our river rafting tomorrow, and many other activities to come.

Miss you!

Jazmin, Radhika, and Luiz

13 Questions: Arrival in Peru

2 thoughts on “13 Questions: Arrival in Peru

  1. dilma_ribeiro@hotmail.com says:

    Hey Guys! It was great to see you are having a great time. Enjoy your time there. Love you Luiz;)

  2. Anita Mattoo says:

    Hi: I hope you all are having a good time in peru. Please do send some more blogs as it is good to hear from you all.

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