Global Thesis Update: Reinventing the UN: An Update for the 21st Century

Regi MonroeBy: Regi Monroe

As J.B. Mathews put it, “The United Nations could not be less of a cruel hoax if it had been organized in Hell for the sole purpose of aiding and abetting the destruction of the United States”.[1] Though this is a harsh description, there is some truth behind his words. The United Nations was a by-product of the endings and victors of World War II: it is outdated and does not reflect the workings of a world more than a half-century later. Details like the special position of the permanent five have undermined this governing bodies’ credibility. Also, the bureaucracy and inefficiency are just two examples of the overlapping jurisdictions that handicap the executive aspects of the UN. This ineffective world government must be fixed so the international community can move forward and prepare for this new millennium.

Within my Global Thesis I have proposed a large-scale movement to reform and reinvent the United Nations to update it to the 21st century. As one of the presidents of the Model UN Club at GFA, I have experienced the UN’s inefficiencies first hand in our yearly participation in mock UN conferences. To me the United Nations has always been a fascinating and promising governing body. However, its bureaucratic tendencies and inefficiency has always pained me. I decided that for my Global Thesis I would research ways in which the UN could be enhanced. My thesis combines ideas from all over the political spectrum including reforms that I made myself.

While there is no doubt that the United Nations was a revolutionary and brilliant idea in 1945, it is the year 2012 where its outdated ideology and format are dragging down our international community. Despite proposed reforms, the ancient charter and untouchable Security Council, render possible reform to the Untied Nations impossible. Furthermore, as the world-renowned historian Thomas Weiss said when talking about reforming the United Nations, “Every potential solution, however, brings as many problems as it solves. And no amount of diplomatic theatre can eliminate that reality.”[2]  This personifies the puzzle of the United Nations and the ultimate challenge our global community has in facing the 21st century.

[1] Madeleine Albright, “United Nations, the United Nations has Become Irrelevant”, Think Again Magazine (October 2003), 17 JSTOR.

[2] Weiss, What’s Wrong with the United Nations and How to Fix it, 55.

Global Thesis Update: Reinventing the UN: An Update for the 21st Century

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