Goodbye to the UK …some final reflections

At Edinburgh Castle

We have come to the end of this blog and begin our journey home tomorrow. Our last day was spent exploring Edinburgh Castle, The Royal Mile, St. Mary’s Close and celebrating three birthdays! Our students’ cheer, good spirits and sense of discovery has buoyed us and allowed us to relive our initial excitement about this country through their eyes.  We are grateful to have shared this time with them.

– Elizabeth Cleary and Stephen Stout

Today was our last full day in the UK, and to be honest, I don’t know what to think of it. It will hit me eventually, but I know it’s going to be very strange once we’re all back in The United States. Being in a different country is an experience not many people are able to have, and traveling throughout the UK with my closest friends and teachers from school was an experience like no other that I could have with my family. Hanging out with friends in our rooms and traveling through the UK is something that will most likely never happen again, and I know that I’ll cherish the experience. Our final dinner in The Olive Branch in the New Town of  Edinburgh was a sad yet exciting experience. This was because of the fact that we were leaving behind a great country and great memories, but we were also excited to be celebrating the birthdays of Natalie, Stefan and Stephanie; Stefan and Natalie for tomorrow, and Stephanie for our first day of the trip on the 17th. While on the plane from Heathrow to JFK, I know it will be sad to look back at the place where we had memories filled with speedy walking, amazing experiences with friends and, of course, the rain.
-Radhika Mattoo

It’s interesting to think that someone will actually read my work, so often as a student my writing is read by a teacher and really no one else. It is unthinkable that someone other than a teacher will read it. It is also interesting to consider the fact that while I’m writing this at 9:20 on the 27th of June, you could be reading this at any time, even more so as it is going on the Internet. It’s interesting to ponder the infinity of the written word. That, these letters will stand as a testament to us long after they have served their purpose of momentary entertainment. I think this is the humanities’ greatest contribution to the cosmos. Earlier on the trip we almost visited a copyright library in Oxford. It makes me think that even after the last man or woman is gone from the universe those books will still survive to tell of what we were and how wonderful that is.

-Andrew Allison-Godfrey 🙂

A Celebration of three birthdays at our Farewell Dinner



Goodbye to the UK …some final reflections

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