Farewell to Linda Vista

By: Brien Comey and Olivia Kjorlien

Today we finished the playground after some minor setbacks.  We fixed the rope bridge to make it more child-friendly.  We painted the cement pillars with a jungle theme, and put varnish on the wood components.  We then went to a local house to eat lunch.  They had an abundance of animals including cows, which some of the students milked (this included Harrison who had coffee with with milk straight from the cow into the cup).  Two women brought us to a small hut where we learned how to make cheese.  Afterwards, we went to the school and taught the children basic English vocabulary.  To end the night we had a huge party at Doña Olga’s house which included Karaoke sung by the entire group with three performances of the theme from “Titanic” (twice in English and once in Spanish).

By: Alex Krebs, Clay Garner and Lizzie Pinede

Today was muy divertido! However, it was very hard and emotionally challenging to leave behind Linda Vista.  Tears were shed as we said goodbye to our families and new friends.  The memories we made stayed with us as we made our way to La Fortuna.  Our first stop was a coffee tour where we witnessed how coffee is harvested and had lunch and coffee.  After a relaxing break at the eco-lodge we voyaged to the hot springs where we sipped virgin piña coladas and bonded as a group.  We then went to have a delicious dinner and dessert. 

Farewell to Linda Vista

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