A Town of Books to The Castle of Macbeth

This morning we left our small but charming Ivy Bush Royal Hotel in Carmarthen, Wales to set off on a journey the Welsh town of Haye-on-Wye. Though it was a long drive, we were mystified by the serene beauty of the fields, hills, and scattered sheep on the hills of Wales. When we entered  the town of Hay-on-Wye, everyone set off to visit the many used book shops lining the main street.  The town itself has over 30 used book stores with some of the books dating back to the 1700’s. Everyone thought both the town and the shops were beautiful. Even though we had 3 hours to explore the town, we could have stayed the entire day. After, reluctantly, setting out to Stratford-upon-Avon, we headed once more through the countryside. We ended up at Shakespeare’s grave in his hometown church. This stop was quite the spectacle, full of tourists not only to see Shakespeare’s grave but also his loved ones buried around him. After checking into our hotel in Stratford-upon-Avon and “gussying up” we headed to the RSC (Royal Shakespeare Theatre) where we sat in the dress circle  “up in heaven”  to watch Macbeth. The production sparked great controversy and lively discussion followed from all of us about the director’s artistic vision. One thing that struck most of the group was that the “Weird Sisters” (the witches in the play) were portrayed as spooky and adorable children, entering as they hung from the rafters (take that as you will). It was an eventful performance and enjoyable to all. We are having a great time, and can’t wait for tomorrow. YAY UK 2011!

-Siena and Stephanie

A Town of Books to The Castle of Macbeth

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