Wolof and Cross-Cultural Training at the Centre Baobab, Dakar

As soon as we stepped into the Centre Baobab, our first Wolof class began. Wolof is the language spoken around Dakar so it’s really helpful when speaking with the local Senegalese, who also speak French. At first we learned the long greeting ritual, later we learned more vocabulary and verbs. This was not at all boring but an exciting, helpful class. Apart from Wolof, we also learned about Senegalese culture and values. Our teacher started the class with a “cultural iceberg.” This exemplified that when you visit another country you only ever see the behavior of people: words and actions. The largest part of the iceberg which is underwater represents beliefs, values and assumptions. We don’t usually see this side when we visit other places. Fortunately we are getting to experience the underwater part of the iceberg: we are learning from the Senegalese about the different types of respect you show towards your family and elders; we learned about the importance in Senegalese society of being humble and patient. So far this has been a great trip that has taught me many things. Alhamdulillay! Charlotte

Wolof and Cross-Cultural Training at the Centre Baobab, Dakar

One thought on “Wolof and Cross-Cultural Training at the Centre Baobab, Dakar

  1. Wow, this sounds fantastic. I would love to hear about everybody else’s experiences as well, as it sounds like only Charlotte is eager to share. Jackson? We are living vicariously through you guys over here, so please give us more updates. 🙂

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