Father’s Day in Linda Vista

By: Sarah Young and Harrison Thompson

Hi, Everyone! To quickly update you all on what has happened today, we’ll give you a brief synopsis of the events of importance.  For one, I, Sarah, milked my family’s cow this morning.  In general, we worked today on painting the playground, designed by Meighan, Lizzie and me (Sarah).  The children of the town helped paint and played on what was finished which was the most rewarding thing to see all of our hard work pay off.  Afterwards, there was a party with traditional games, which was extremely fun.  Tonight we had a long discussion about personalities and leadership, and what factors of different personalities help contribute to success.  We also discussed the natural resources of Costa Rica and what should be done with them.  On the whole, this is an amazing experience and we can’t wait to tell you all in depth about it when we return.  Happy Father’s Day!

By: Ryan Friend

Response to the following question: Who should be responsible for Linda Vista’s common resources? What is the most effective way to manage them?

The people of Linda Vista have a duty to protect the precious things that the children enjoy.  Take their soccer ball, for example.  They use it every day on a dirty field surrounded by barbed wire and high fences.  But, they treat the ball with stupendous care.  It may show signs of wear and tear, but the children go after it when it goes in the tall grass, or over the fence.  The people of Linda Vista know how special these things are.  Government need not be involved in the protection unless totally necessary.  The people of Linda Vista know what is best for them and they know how to care for it.  I do not know the most effective way to protect the precious resources Linda Vista has, because as an outsider I do not know that situation.  It would be morally presumptuous for me or any outsider to tell them what to do.  The teacher at the Linda Vista Elementary school does not tell the kids to get the ball after it is kicked over the fence, they know what to do, and that should be the same for us.

Response to the following question: What factors allow for a group of people with diverse personalities to work together effectively?

By: Georgie Garner

Even though there are a lot of different personalities and unique views on life, I find it most effective when people with different temperaments work together rather than working separately.  I think there needs to be a balance between personalities because sometimes a personality can become too overpowering or some personalities, for example, experiencers and idealists, complement one another which results in major accomplishments and more goals completed. The different personality types need to depend one another for support and to make sure the jobs get done. The mix of personalities was shown today when, while painting the playground, because everyone was working as a team and sharing ideas and concerns.  We were able to complete most of our goals of finishing the playground and can hopefully finish before we leave.

Father’s Day in Linda Vista

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