All in a days work….

Our day began an intense downpour, a heavy tropical storm that lasted for less than half an hour. The day ended with an equally intense soccer game between Linda Vista children and our students, who had so much energy in the field that no one could have guessed that they had spent hours carrying rocks, shoveling sand, and painting pillars for the playground.  But we were not only physically active; we also had the opportunity to learn more about the local realities and to reflect about why we are here.  We had lunch at the home of a new family in the community who treated us to some refreshing ”pipa” (coconut) water and delicious food.  After we finished our meal, one of our hosts gave us a talk about the nature and challenges of unique biodiversity in this region. This talk led us to a fascinating discussion on sustainable development, our role as outsiders in the Linda Vista community, and the significance of this trip to all of us. It was wonderful to see how reflective and eloquent everyone was about their experience thus far.  I go to bed now looking forward to another day of learning from my students through powerful shared experiences and thoughtful conversations.



All in a days work….

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