Laying Foundations….

Victoria M. and Graham B. here.  We are in charge of the blog today. Here is a quick run through of what we did today. First, let’s start with last night.  Four students went on hike with a guide.  It was an amazing experience seeing fascinating animals like a red-eyed tree frog and even a caiman!  The next morning, half the group went on a morning hike through the jungle.  Afterwards, we all met for breakfast (which was delicious).  Meghan, the owner of the eco-lodge, spoke to us about the biodiversity of Costa Rica and her dream for the future of the Linda Vista community.  We then left the eco-lodge and there our true immersion began. For several hours, we worked at the school laying the foundations for a playground, which is our main project here. We ended our work with a game with the school children, and then set off for lunch.  We ate at a local, sustainable farm; fresh fish still on the bone.  It was exquisite. Then, it was time for conversation and reflection on our purpose in Linda Vista. Many of us shared a hope that we will make a difference and learn from the community. Once we were done, it was time to return to our host family. We embraced the torrential downpour, as we walked toward our new homes.

Laying Foundations….

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