First Day in Dakar

We arrived in Dakar at dawn and went to our hotel apartments in Coumba Ndao where we had breakfast which consisted of baguette from the bakery across the road, cheese, jellies, chocolate, coffee and sugar. Looking down from our balcony into the street, we see a busy store, sand, women in pagnes, often carrying heavy loads on their heads, and a relatively constant flow of cars, taxis and mopeds. After a nap we had lunch consisting of perch, spicy onion and white rice. This fish dish, Thieboudienne, is the traditional Senegalese meal and it is delicious. We then set off for the Baobab Center. The heat and the odors combined with the abundance of sand, street dogs and construction give Dakar the appearance of a Caribbean island. We had an introductory meeting to learn of all the services the center provides and then studied Wolof. Then back to dinner which was bread, spicy beef stew with potatoes and peas. Everything we’ve eaten here has been delicious and everything has been fun. Brian

First Day in Dakar

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