Light and Life in the Lower School

4th-grade students and their guests from Hogares Luz y Vida

By: Mrs. Patti Hiller (LS Faculty)

Last October, Sister Valeriana Garcia Martin of Bogotá, Columbia presented an assembly on children’s rights to our fourth graders. Sister Valeriana is the founder and director of The Association Hogares Luz y Vida, an orphanage which addresses the needs of the children of Bogotá, especially the handicapped and severely handicapped children. Sister Valeriana spoke about the global issues of children’s rights, especially the rights of all children around the earth who are poor, abandoned and handicapped. Our fourth graders were moved to reach out to the children of Luz y Vida by sending them duffel bags full of “Crocs,” shoes to wear in their garden which feeds over 1,000 children.

To thank us, the American Bogotá team presented us with a film and a presentation on Thursday morning in the Lower School assembly room. Coleen Morey, head of the mission team, Audriana Yeaw, Dan Silkman a senior at Greenwich High School and Dr. Vivian Lombillo a nationally known dermatologist answered questions from fourth and fifth grade students. We hope to continue our liaison with Luz y Vida next year through Voice Thread and Skype.

Light and Life in the Lower School

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