Lower Schoolers Explore the Children’s Rights

By: Ms. Patti Hiller

On October 15, 2010, Sister Valeriana Garcia-Martin of Bogota, Colombia visited and spoke to a group of students at Greens Farms Academy. She is the founder and director of Hogares Luz y Vida, an orphanage which cares for 145 physically and mentally disabled children and educates or provides day care services for about 1,000 children in Bogota. Sister Valeriana spoke about the global issue of children’s rights, specifically the rights of the poor and handicapped. Hogares Luz y Vida, or Homes of Light and Life aims to integrate children with and without disabilities. “All children should have the right to be held and loved, to laugh and to learn no matter where they live or how they were born.”

Following an eight minute film presentation on a day at Luz y Vida, the fourth and fifth grade students shared their reactions and discussed how their own definitions of the rights of children may have been altered by this presentation.

We plan to keep a viable connection to Luz y Vida this year through a mutually beneficial exchange of ideas using blog as our medium.

Lower Schoolers Explore the Children’s Rights

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