Staying Connected to Partners in Health

Ophelia Dahh, Executive Director of Partners in Health, Speaking at GFA’s Convocation, October 2011.

As many in our community know, Ophelia Dahl, the Executive Director of Partners in Health, addressed GFA students and many parents during our September 8th, Convocation Ceremony. Dahl’s message of hope, imagination and engagement with our world’s problems set the perfect tone for the launch of our new World Perspectives Program.

Since the convocation, many members of our community have expressed interest in becoming more involved with Partners in Health.  The Senior Class, for instance, plans to raise funds over the course of the year to support PIH’s initiatives.  In addition, the student-lead Community Service board will be giving periodic updates to the student body, helping them to stay abreast of PIH’s activities and the contributions that those in our community have been able to make.

If you are interested in following the important work that Ms. Dahl, Dr. Paul Farmer and their team at Partners in Health are doing, you may consider visiting their Facebook page or subscribing to their Youtube channel.  Also, by visiting you can join a network of people who are interested in supporting global health.  The PIH website is replete with information about causes and upcoming events.  Also, this website gives very clear information about how anyone can get involved either as an activist or as a donor.

Staying Connected to Partners in Health

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